FIFTEEN POEMS, by Bobbie Louise Hawkins

Hawkins 15 _2Details
Publisher : Belladonna* (Includes Interview by Barbara Henning)
Publication Date : October 12, 2012
ISBN : 9780982338766
Category : Poetry
Product Dimensions : 0.2 x 5.5 x 8.2 inches
Paperback : 62 pages
Cover Art : Christian Boltanski

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FIFTEEN POEMS is a republication of a lyrical sequence of poems that Bobbie Louise Hawkins wrote and read in 1971 in Bolinas. This book includes an introduction by Robert Duncan (1973) and an interview of Hawkins and Barbara Henning talking about the poems and the context (2012).

“At once fierce, determined, and poignant… A magic then comes into it, a would-be witchcraft in spirit.”—Robert Duncan, 1973

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