From the Fragment is a collection of quotes that I put together in the 90’s for teaching creative writing, and inviting students to think about their poetic theories.

“Constraints & Experiments: Writing in Response to Modernist Movements.”  This is a collection of assignments (and some student writing from LIU); When Rothenberg and Joris first published Volume One of Poems for the Millennium, I was excited about introducing students to the poetic movements.   That’s how this piece came into being.  Constraints and Experiments

While working on my Ph.D at Union Graduate School, a non-traditional program, I did a study in composition and narrative theories. When I started working at Long Island University, I wrote an essay where I brought together my ideas about teaching writing in composition classes. At the time,  enrollment in the university was at its lowest.  The essay was published in College English (Volume 53, Number 6, October 1991), entitled The World Was Stone Cold: Basic Writing in an Urban University.

Over the years, I have put many courses together combining creative workshops with readings in  literature/theory–for graduate courses and non-academic on-line courses. The pdf packets include lectures, assignments and readings.  Topics:  Poetic Prose and the Prose Poem (also serves as an introduction to experimental/off-center poetics); Flash Fiction (with some theories on writing short short fiction); From Journal to Poem (Sharing many of the experiments I have used); From Flash to Sudden to Short Fiction (a course in point of view); Image by Image: from Haiku to Short Story (writing fiction with Asian poetry prompts); Writing at the Border: Between Fiction and Poetry (Reading poetic fiction and novels in verse and writing in response). If you are interested in more information or in purchasing a pdf version of any of these courses, please contact me.