New York Poets : Put this on your carendar

Poets for Renewable Energy and Peace:
This October 23rd afternoon program (1-4pm) will feature poets from the war
region, including emerging Afghan-American writers Cihan Kaan, Sahar
Muradi, Zohra Saed, and Yusuf Misdaq. It will also include additional poets,
musicians, and speakers to be announced, and a special group performance of Allen
Ginsberg’s famous anti-nuclear power poem, “Plutonian Ode.” This event is
being produced by a recently created NYC-based group, Poets for Renewable
Energy and Peace (PREP), which hopes to inspire new and growing activism
against war and nuclear energy.

@Theater 80 St. Marks Place & First Avenue in the East Village/Lower East
Side. The admission is $10 that goes to HOWL’s medical fund for artists and
writers. PREP will be selling advance tickets for amounts above the $10, the
difference going to support the group in its beginning stages, All of these
monies are tax deductible. For PREP checks should be made out to the
Committee on Poetry and note PREP: Poets for Renewable Energy.