“The Dinner” in Talisman’s final issue

The new issue of Talisman is available, #38/39/40 all together as the final print issue. Sometimes folks talk about how difficult it is to find Talisman but when it’s found (at SPD), it’s a beauty. I have been happy that that over the years Ed Foster has published my work in many of the issues. And I lament the end of the printed version. I’m a bit of a biblio lover, but I think the trees may be happier when the pages of Talisman are flickering over a screen.

My most recent novella (28 pages and 18 chapters) is printed complete in the middle of this issue: “The Dinner”. You can order issues from Small Press Distribution for $20.00 http://www.spdbooks.org and read work by John High, Ed Roberson, Laynie Browne, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Tony Iantosca, Joel Lewis, Kimberly Lyons, Vyt Bakaitis, Basil King, and many others.

Because I loved the project of writing “The Dinner” (and at the end there is a description of the process), I want everyone to read it so I am posting a link to my website where there is a pdf.