Upcoming events

I’m teaching a class at the Poetry Center in Tucson on the Prose Poem , Tuesdays, for 8 weeks, beginning March 6th.
I’m teaching a yoga class at 5:30 on Fridays at Yoga Flow on Cherry and Fort Lowell

Cynthia Hogue & Brent Cunningham are reading at El Ojito Springs
Center for Creativity at 452 S. Stone Ave. (at 15th St.) in Tucson on Saturday the 17th at 7 pm

Gloria Frym, Tory Foster and Anna Fulford reading at Cushing Street Bar and Grill in Tucson at 8 pm on Tuesday the 20th of March.

I’m reading in Bisbee at the Central School Project on Friday March 23rd at 7:30.

Harryette Mullen comes to Tucson on the 27th of March and reads on the 31st at 5 pm at St. Andrews Church in Tucson. She’s giving a paper at 10 am on the 31st for the Arizona Quarterly.

Then on April 7th Rodney Phillips (New Yorker!) and Cynthia Hogue will read at 7 pm.
Then on April 14th Frank Parker will read and we’ll celebrate and support him.

Then on the 1st of May I’m driving bck to NY for a couple of months to teach a class there (and hang out with family and friends)

My schedule in Tucson is busier than it was in NYC!

Tyrone William’s next book

I read the manuscript for Tyrone’s new book, I loved it. Backwater’s Press out of Omaha Nebraska will be publishing it.

Tyrone Williams
Hero Project of the Century

This is a brilliant book. In these new poems, Tyrone Williams slants away from definition and memoir, teasing us with a detail or an anecdote and then slipping names, slipping markers, the news, tradition, religion, art and history unravel into dualities, redundancies, shadows, veils, slights of hand. In Hero Project of the Century, Williams reveals the news we need to hear. The American chasing after the big S Capital Self is a project that can never be fulfilled. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but after the clapping is over, there is this empty space and Williams, like an abstract jazz musician, has taken us there, deftly, cutting through the terrain of emotion and intellect.