Audios on the line

At Frank’s Home (, Frank Parker just posted an audio file of my reading at Dinnerware Gallery in Tucson on November 18, 2006. You can hear me reading with his choreography at


Also, I recently discovered another audio recording from a reading at Left Hand Books in Boulder in 2002
Scroll down to April 19, 2002

Thanks Frank, Laura Wright and all–

My Autobiography

On March 14th, Charles Alexander sent me the following email about my new book “My Autobiography”–

a book (for barbara)

a book on its side on top of my bookshelf
about six feet high its spine exposed looking
at me

do you have 999 books with a corner cut away
so that the books now have five edges instead
of four

can the books balance on their fifth edge pre
cariously or not can a book be unbalanced
can we

unbalance the space of the book the space
of our habitation are you in the book can I
find you

can a book unbalance will the words spill out
from the pages or perhaps recombine themselves
to rebalance

steel comes to mind is there a place for steel
here not steal this book but book of steel like
man of steel

or steel curtain or we steel ourselves against
the onslaught we cut off our corners and balance
on edge

charles alexander / chax press

From Harris Schiff’s Reading at the Poetry Project Last Week

I wasn’t in NYC last week for Harris Schiff’s reading, but I read the poems and here’s one I really l ike —

It was great to be young in the twentieth century
before Dracula threw down the prison mesh grid over the world


Fight the war and warming conglomerate

today I don’t have to shave and dresss for scuzzy job
they subway ride
or abuse

I make poems and be

funky in April chill baby baseball season

amused stead of so damn serious so worried

one more season of discomfort in the latitutde

Hungry Ghost by Lewis Warsh

Here’s a poem Lewis sent me in an email this month.


A gram of desire for breakfast;
gruel for lunch. Dinner on the town,
some place not too fancy.
Who’d you call cheap?