Publisher : Long News Ltd.
Publication Date :1992
ISBN : None
Category : Long News
Product Dimensions : 00 x 00 inches
Paperback : 130 pages
Cover Art :


In this issue, new writing laced throughout with photos, collage, etc. (Including Sophie Calle’s “La Fille du Docteur,” Christian Boltanski’s “Mising Children,” Carolee Schneeman’s Cycladic Imprints,” et al). Art editor, Miranda Maher. Writings are by Nicole Brossard, Clark Coolidge, Tina Darragh, Tyrone Williams, Johanna Drucker, Chris Tysh, Fanny Howe, Martine Bellen, Harryette Mullen, Lorenzo Thomas, Lewis Warsh, Sadiq Muhammad, George Tysh, Saul Yurkievich, Elio Schneeman, Kimberly Lyons and others. Perfect pound, 130pp. 1993. (from Small Press Distribution Catalog 1993).

A very solid magazine of innovative writing and art. There are over forty contributors to the issue and all of the work sustains interest. I was particularly taken by Tyrone Williams’ lyrically enthusiastic “Eleven Sentences,” an extraordinary essay on a one line poem by Chris Tysh. Also of note are contributions by Johanna Drucker, Harryette Mullen, Nicole Brossard, Chris Tysh, Carolee Schneeman, Lewis Warsh and Clark Coolidge. LONG NEWS: IN THE SHORT CENTURY is a magazine to keep on your desk and to keep an eye on.” (Taproot Reviews 1993)


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