Publisher : Long News Ltd.
Publication Date :1993
ISBN : None
Category : Long News
Product Dimensions : 00 x 00 inches
Paperback : 200 pages
Cover Art :


The Homage to Felix Guattari, radical psychoanalyst and theorist, who died in August 1992 at La Borde, the experimental clinic of which he was co-director, features: Guattari’s “On God,” a brief text read at his funeral; plus pieces by Antonio Negri, Francois Lauruelle, Lucio Pozzi, Stanley Aronowitz, Michael Pelias, Charles Wolfe, Christelle Barois, and Robert V. Hale. Otherwise in this issue: writings and artwork by many contriubtors, the writing including John Yau, Lewis Warsh, Lorenzo Thomas, Jacques Roubaud, David Rattray, Diane diPrima, Charles Bernstein, Paul Buck, Todd Baron; Kiki Smith, Robert Longo, Sally Young, and many others contribute graphics. Perfectbound, 200pp. 1993. (from Small press Distribution Catalog, 1993)

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