Publisher : Long News Ltd.
Publication Date :1994
ISBN : None
Category : Long News
Product Dimensions : 00 x 00 inches
Paperback : 170 pages
Cover Art :


This issue includes David Rattray’s poem, Mr. Peacock, and seeral works dedicated to his memory, including cover art by Carolee Scheemann and writing by John Godfrey, David Abel and Allen Planz. Other contributors include Joyce Mansour (translated by Serge Gavronsky), Elaine Equi, Leslie Scalapino, Lynn Crawford, Dennis Moritz, Don David, Bernadette Mayer, Barbara Enzig, Elio Schneeman, Diane DiPrima, Maureen Owen. Essays by Michael Pelias, Chris Tysh, Johann Dewit, and a special tribute to Tyree Guyton’s Heidelberg Project in Detroit with photoraphs, an essay by Tyrone Williams, and poetry by Harryette Mullen. Visuals include Francoise Duvivier, Ed Giguere, Christopher Gallagher, David Humphrey, Molly Hankwitz, Annette Leernieux, Miranda Maher, Adrian Piper, Faith Wilding and others. Perfectbound, 170pp. 1994. (From Small Press Distribution Catalog, 1994)

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