Publisher : Meeting Eyes Bindery/Poetry New York; 1st Edition
Publication Date : Jun 1, 1999
ISBN : 9780923389390
Category : Poems
Product Dimensions : 00 x 00 inches
Paperback : 27 pages
Cover Art : Barbara Henning

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Haunting solitary city-dweller’s ruminations bring to mind Blake, Rumi, and Whitman. This poet’s dog waits for her owner to finally return, again and again. In thundering steps on the street’s pavement, linked pantoum-like lyrics meditate on the nature of existence from apartment views. You were sound asleep. I laid my hands on your face/ The drugs were floating beneath the surface of your skin// The dictionary I had on my shelf is still on my shelf/ If only I could touch the floor with the palms of my hands// If you sit here long enough you’ll see everyone you know// We are merely crossing over into another season (Out of Harm’s Way).

. . . . every day details and language of death become a means to both witness and revel in how we live. The result is breathtaking work, simple and profound.  Donna Cartelli. Me and My Dog. Poetry Project Newsletter. February/March 2001


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