Invisible Ink by Jen Schneider (Toho Publishing 2021)

In Invisible Ink, Jen Schneider uses her analytic-poetic mind to bring order and connection to the chaotic scrambling of relationships and domestic routine that occurred during the pandemic. With an extended metaphor of gaming, she lays out the plan:  fill in the blank, make a list, find the missing pieces. As if she’s writing with invisible ink, the solutions appear and disappear.  What to do?  Clean the house corner-to-corner, make a new game board, sift through 42,657 unanswered emails, make lists of what and who you loveand imagine a truly safe and just land. Jen Schneider is ready to play with you, “She’s standing on the edge of the red kitchen tile, feet planted squarely on two rectangular hardwood planks, hands in the shape of triangles perched on each hip.“ If you like poetry and games, you’ll love this book.